Step by Step Escalator Cleaning System® is a process providing a complete solution to clean the external surfaces of the escalators and moving walkways: the vertical and horizontal sides of the stairs, the access covers, the handrails, the glass balustrades and the skirt components with the deflector brushes.

Step by Step Stakeholders Scandinavia AB
Organisationsnummer: 556783-0293
VAT: SE556783029301
Kommunsäte: Upplands-Bro
(Registrerad för F-skatt. • Registrerad i Momsregistret)

2» orders, technical and personnel issues:
Tommy BjörkManager
+46 76 789 0333


MarkNagy» contracts, finance and advertising-marketing issues:
Mark NagyAssistant Manager
+46 76 854 1489


ViberWhatsAppSignal • Skype: step_by_step_ab 
• Postal address: Step by Step AB • Box 8 • SE-19721 Bro • Sweden
Bankgironummer: 425-5030
• Currency: SEK BIC: HANDSESS IBAN: SE85 6000 0000 0007 3090 1092

www.sbs-ecs.com | Step by Step Escalator Cleaning System® 🇪🇺
www.rulltrappor-rullband.se | Step by Step RulltrappsRengöring® 🇸🇪

People often think that they are at the mercy of corruption and that it
is just a “way of life”. However, every society, sector and citizen would
benet from breaking the chain of corruption in their everyday life.

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