Step by Step Escalator Cleaning System® is a process, providing a complete solution to clean the external surfaces of the escalators and moving walkways: the vertical and horizontal sides of the stairs, the access covers, the handrails, the glass balustrades and the skirt components with the deflector brushes.

Contact person:
» orders, technical and personnel issues:
• Tommy Björk • Manager | tommy.bjork@sbsab.nu | +46 76 789 0333
» contracts, finance and advertising-marketing issues:
• Mark Nagy • Assistant Manager | mark.nagy@sbsab.nu | +46 76 854 1489

Skype: step_by_step_ab
• Meeting: www.sbsmeeting.com

Postal address: ℅ Step by Step AB • Box 8 • SE-19721 Bro • Sweden

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www.sbs-ecs.com | Step by Step Escalator Cleaning System™

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